Mission Statement: EMM Enterprise, LLC aims to meet the writer where they are with innovative ideas, a vision of hope, and skills to create an awesome work. Embracing My Mind Is Creating!

Ashley Smith is President and CEO of EMM Enterprise, LLC. She is a published author, experienced blogger, and motivational speaker. Ashley is the author of What's On My Mind? Volume I, and What's On My Mind? Coping Takes Work, Volume II.  She performs individual book consultations and also facilitates writing workshops for individuals seeking to create, and self-publish a book. 


Ashley Smith is high performance writer, facilitator, and speaker. She has over 10 years experience blogging. Ashley wrote a blog article for powerhouse media sites, such as CNN: Human Factor, the Huffington Post, and a series newsletter articles.

This blogger self-published a book in 2014, What's On My Mind? The book is a collection of blog articles that focuses on recovery. In 2019, Ashley published volume II, Coping Takes Work.

Ashley has an extensive background in facilitating workshops. She has over six years experience as a state trainer for NAMI Georgia. The focus of these classes were on public speaking. 

Ashley is a trained speaker through the Respect Institute of Georgia. She has spoke extensively on panel discussions, educational institutions, detention centers, medical facilities, religious-based groups, and conferences. 

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