What's On My Mind? Volume I, and What's On My Mind? Coping Takes Work, Volume II

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“A recovery story of grit and grace that will empower you to manage challenges effectively.”

—Christina Bruni, Author of Left of the Dial: A Memoir of Schizophrenia, Recovery and Hope


“Ashley Smith’s book, Coping Takes Work, is a rich guide to staying well, despite living with the stigmatized mental health challenge of schizoaffective disorder. It offers practical recovery tips and a story of hope that will enrich the lives of those living with mental health challenges, their supporters, including mental health professionals.”

—Corey Jones, Author of Hope Is Real: I Have a Purpose 

“An essential guide for anyone who is living with schizophrenia, Coping Takes Work provides a practical blueprint for recovering from a serious brain disorder.”

—Terri Morgan, Author of The Genetic Lottery: A novel look at schizophrenia

“Ashley has an amazing ability to provide insight into living with and managing a mental illness. She allows others to see her as a human being rather than a diagnosis, while also providing helpful tools, encouragement, and hope for those on their own recovery journey.”

—Jean Toole, President/CEO of Community Friendship, Inc.

“Ashley Smith is a champion of recovery from schizophrenia, and her writing is relevant and inspiring… Coping Takes Work is a great resource for social workers and clinicians… the reader [will] better understand the experience of schizophrenia, and this will shatter the stigma.”

—Bethany Yeiser, Author of Mind Estranged: My Journey from Schizophrenia and Homelessness to Recovery, and President of CURESZ Foundation 

extended book review (for coping takes work) by Terri morgan


“Ashley Smith is proof that it is possible to thrive despite living with a devastating brain disorder. Smith shares her experiences, including the ups and downs of her health through the years, in her new book, What's On My Mind: Coping Takes Work. This slim, well written volume provides a blueprint for living well with schizophrenia. Loaded with information, resources, and practical advice for coping with a severe and persistent mental disorder, Smith has created an essential guide for anyone who is living with schizophrenia, or loves someone who is.

The book includes a collection of entries from Smith's award winning blog that have been chosen and rewritten especially for this volume. The result is a user friendly guide crafted by a woman who has dedicated her life to helping others recover from their own health challenges. Smith writes clearly and honestly about her own mental health experiences, providing readers with an insiders' understanding about her journey. She openly addresses her recovery, her challenges, and even her setbacks in a straightforward manner. Her matter of fact approach makes this book comfortable, engaging, and authentic.

Smith does not sugar coat the challenges to recovery. The title alone illustrates the difficulty of living with an invisible illness. Coping does take work, but Smith helps make that task more manageable by clearly outlining what has worked for her, and many others. Along with tips on a variety of topics, including how to recognize warning signs and triggers, draft an Psychiatric Advance Directive, regain control after a crisis, and work with a support team, Smith encourages readers to draft their own, customized action plan for recovery. To facilitate readers, the book includes questions to prompt health consumers to explore their own situations, and take charge of their own recovery.

Coping Takes Work also includes recovery stories by certified peer specialists and a caregiver. It also provides links and resources about schizophrenia and related mental health conditions. The book is an excellent resource for consumers, as well as social workers, therapists, family members and anyone who is interested in learning about the challenges facing so many people in our society today.”

—Terri Morgan, Author of The Genetic Lottery: A Novel Look at Schizophrenia.

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"This book was very inspirational. I thank God for the woman who wrote this book. By reading, "What's On My Mind? Coping Takes Work, Volume II, I was able to see my life as well as my child's from a different angle. Ashley Smith wrote this book beautifully sharing life experiences whole-heartily. I really appreciate you, Ashley Smith, and hope and pray for nothing but the best for you."

Diedre C.

testimonials for what's on my mind? volume I

"I can't put it down. What a powerful testimony." 

Francis W.

"Before reading your book, I didn't even know there were treatment options available... I just want to thank you for shedding light on a subject that is quite uncomfortable to talk about." 

Roman R.

"You captured my awareness by the way you expressed yourself of what you have been through." 

Ryan R.